The Top 5 Best Places to Live on the Coast

The benefits of coastal living are numerous, and the prominent being better health and overall wellbeing. The theory that a natural saline water environment can provide many health benefits has been experimentally studied and confirmed by scientists. The study also shows that even for people with limited resources the coast provides innumerable benefits in the form of clean air and nutrients rich food from the sea. The exposure to sea or ocean can also provide a form of mental therapy, and therefore many people choose the best places to live by the sea in the world like the ones listed below:


1. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, USA

Most people choose to live in well-marketed western coast cities, which can be both expensive and over-crowded. This idyllic town on the Eastern coast offers the best of both worlds in terms of luxury and value for money. Residents can enjoy:

  • Tour of Capers island: One can get to see dolphins, and the majestic bald Eagles; once on the island enjoy watching herons, egrets, and pelicans. One can be close to nature living in a calm and pleasant place.


2. Praia da Rocha Portugal

This energetic and bustling coastal town has a lot to offer to long term settlers. Residents can enjoy all seasons on these best beach places to live in the world on the Algarve coast, but the best time is, of course, summers, when the town comes alive with regional food and music. Residents can enjoy:

  • Dolphin watching: Residents can enjoy interacting with the wild sea-life. Dolphin watching can be both enjoyable and a nature preservation activity for the residents.

3. Dominical, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has been blessed with the best of nature can offer. It has a beautiful coastline and also is covered in tropical flora and fauna. Dominical offers the best coastline living places and the advantage of living near the wilderness; one can easily fall in love with the peace and quiet life the place offers:

  • Surfing: The waves on this Caribbean coast are powerful all year round, making it ideal for surfing, enthusiasts. To add to the attraction the seawater is crystal-clear water. 

4. Naples, Florida, USA

This popular place on the Gulf of Mexico has been favorites of both tourists and people who would like to live a life of peace, luxury and enjoy plentiful sunshine all year round. Long term residents enjoy:

  • Beaches: The beaches offer very clear water and sand, and also offers great facilities like beach equipment rental, food stall and places for family and friends to enjoy an outdoor barbeque. 
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5. Naoussa, Paros, Greece

This place is a part of the popular Cyclades island chain, which is a seaport, experiencing great weather all year round, but the place comes alive in summer months. It is well known for its healthy Mediterranean food served in its cafes, restaurants and beachfront eateries. Residents can enjoy the visit to:

  • The Wine museum: The wine museum offers fine Aegean wine made on location which the residents can enjoy all year long.

Just a few coastal destination to live out of a very, very long list!