The Top 5 Unique Places to Visit in California

There is a reason why California is known as the Golden State, it is not just because of being the richest state in the United States or for the presence of the silicon-valley. It got its grand moniker because of its meteoric economic growth after Gold was discovered in the mid-nineteenth century and also because, in its vast meadows, yellow poppies bloom every spring. The comparatively prosperous state also has in abundance all that mother nature has to offer: a long coastline, deserts, mountains, woodland, and fertile soil nurturing plentiful farmlands. Visitors also come for Hollywood’s glamour, sightseeing, shopping, and to dine and enjoy the fine beaches. It is very difficult to choose among the many attractions the Golden state has to offer, but the five unique places to visit in California are:

1. Disneyland in Anaheim

There are not many man-made attractions in the world that would beat Disneyland in the Golden state. The place is obviously popular with children, but it has everything to offer for a complete family experience. In Anaheim Disneyland one can expect the following popular attractions:

⦁ Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park: This main park is still favorite among visitors as it houses the classic themed parks like Mickey’s Toontown and Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge. 

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2. Lake Tahoe

Words fail to adequately describe this beautiful natural lake. This lake on the California-Nevada border is one of the most peaceful places in California. It welcomes visitors with its crystal-clear water, granite cliff sides and breathtaking panoramas. Visitors can enjoy:

⦁ Hiking and Skiing: Lake Tahoe offers one the best natural landscape in the country. Visitors can spend hours and even days hiking, camping and in winter, skiing on the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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3. Yosemite National Park

For a very valid reason, this national park is counted among the few natural wonders of the world. The park has a mind-boggling array of natural attractions: Ancient rock formations, cliffs, waterfalls, and even woodland featuring hundred years old Sequoia trees.

⦁ Hiking and visit to the Glacier point: It offers a breathtaking panoramic view, also an unrestricted view of the Yosemite Valley, and the many waterfalls. 

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4. Big Sur

Big Sur on the western coast kissing the mighty Pacific Ocean have been enticing visitors with its spectacular coastline and serene nature. The notable place to visit:

⦁ Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park: This park situated next to a natural forest is on the slope of the St. Lucia mountains attracts visitors to its ancient woodland, meadows and spectacular waterfalls.

5. San Francisco City

One just cannot visit California and not be to the free-spirited, multicultural city of San Francisco. In a single day one can enjoy watching wild sea life, take a boat cruise under the Golden gate bridge and enjoy visiting:

⦁ Twin Peaks viewing point: This location can be classified as one of the most romantic places to visit California. From the vantage point of Twin Peaks, one can sit with one’s partner and see all the city’s landmarks, from the Bay Bridge to the many skyscrapers.