7 Ways To Save Money When Traveling


We all love traveling and going on holidays/short breaks. However, in this day and age it has become increasingly difficult for the average person to be able to afford to just take off to any destination for a holiday.


HOWEVER, we have compiled 7 key points to help you achieve that dream holiday or to save that extra bit of cash when booking a break.


This is the most difficult and important part of any holiday/break.

There is no point finding cheap hotel accommodation if it is miles out of the area you wish to spend most of your time and then you have to pay extra in transportation costs.

But staying in popular tourist areas can prove to be costly.

Instead, stay in a location central between the outskirts and the inner area. This means they will be close public transport, airports, local attractions, food outlets, the park, and the ability to get out and walk to most things.

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Stay more than 1 night in your accommodation

Many accommodation providers offer their best deals when you stay more than one night. Often we’ve had deals like stay 4 nights, pay for 3. Especially in the off-season.


Stay Over a Sunday

Many hotels receive Friday and Saturday night accommodation bookings from leisure travelers and Monday to Friday bookings from their business travelers, so there can be a void on Sunday nights meaning possible cheap accommodation.

Travel in the shoulder-season

One of the obvious tips on how to find cheap accommodation is by traveling in the shoulder season, that time period between the peak and off-peak season.

Accommodation costs will be lower, the weather will still be favourable and in popular destinations you’ll avoid the large crowds which make sightseeing easier

For example, when visiting Europe consider going in May or September and avoid the July/August summer peak season.

For any travel, having the right travel gear and products to help make your travel go smoothly, in vital! Check out Best Buy for many great travel products that will ease your travel woes. Don’t forget, it’s the holiday season and you’ll find tons of great deals!


Book rooms that offer free cancellation

Book accommodation in advance at the best rate you can find online, then keep an eye on prices to see if you can get a better deal at another property, or even at the same hotel.

For example, Booking.com offer free cancellation on most rooms. And their book now, pay later at check-in system allows you to lock in that rate with some flexibility.


Follow on social media

Go and “LIKE” your favourite search sites/hotels on social media. It’s getting more and more common for sites to release cheap accommodation deals directly through their social media channels.


Delete your cookies/history

When searching for cheap accommodation deals, use a different browser or go incognito before looking up prices a second time on a particular booking site.

Websites store your search data and when you come back they know you are more likely to book as a repeat visitor and will charge you more.