How to Find the Best Travel Deals in 2020

Vacation season is quickly approaching, and you’re probably already thinking about booking your summer holiday. If that’s the case, knowing how to find the best travel deals for your 2020 trip will be the best way to organize a holiday without breaking the bank. But how does one dig out the best vacation deals?


The truth is, it’s not that hard. You just have to know exactly what you want and where to look for it. We’ve put together this short guide to help you learn how to book a fun vacation filled with activities without overpaying for it.

Know Where to Look for the Best Travel Deals

Simply googling “the best 2020 travel deals” won’t do much. Every single website claims they offer the most affordable plane tickets, top accommodation at the lowest prices, and the best money-saving packages. However, only a few actually do. This is why knowing where to look for good prices is important.

Where to Find Low-Cost Flights

There are several websites, such as Cheapoair and Scott’s Cheap Flights, that offer lower flight prices. Subscribing to their newsletter could be a good way to ensure you don’t miss out on any good deals. Keep in mind, however, that most such websites have algorithms designed to raise the price after you’ve used their search engine to look up a certain destination several times, so using the incognito mode is the least you can do.


Another good method of paying less for your boarding pass would be to book the flight way in advance. Buying the ticket a few months before the vacation dates is sure to cost less than doing so only a few weeks prior to your departure. On the other hand, last-minute bookings also cost less, but in that case, you run the risk of not being able to find any available flights.

How to Get a Room for Less Money

It should come as no surprise that one of the best-known accommodation websites – – is actually one of your best resources when looking for low-cost accommodation. Another good starting point would be Trivago –  a website that compares the prices for hotel rooms all over the internet, showing you only the most affordable options.

Don’t Dismiss Tour Agencies

Self-arranged vacations seem to have become a general trend lately, but we’re here to tell you not to completely dismiss tours offered by travel agencies. Sure, they might end up being somewhat more pricey than you’d be able to arrange after days of browsing the internet, figuring out the dates, comparing the prices, and stressing over nothing, but think about all the time and inner peace you’d be able to save.


Even more importantly, however, booking your trip through a travel agent means you’ll be working with a professional – they know exactly where they’re sending you and can offer expert advice. More than likely, they’ve already visited your chosen destination and know what to expect. And lastly, if anything goes wrong, they will always have a backup plan for their clients.

First-Minute vs. Last-Minute Deals

Whether you’re organizing your own trip or letting an agent do it, there is one simple rule – don’t do it at the same time as everyone else. As summer slowly approaches, more and more families will start planning their vacations, and prices will exponentially rise. What you want to do is book your trip either before or after everyone else.

First-minute deals can be booked months in advance and usually include considerable discounts for the first few travelers. One of the major disadvantages, however, is the fact that you will have to know well in advance when you can take days off from work. On top of that, many unforeseen things can happen over such a long span of time that could potentially prevent you from taking this trip. If you want to book a first-minute travel deal, make sure you ask about cancellation fees and the agency’s money-back policy.

On the other hand, last-minute deals could save you even more money. However, your choice will be fairly limited to only those tours where there are free spots left. You will also have to make sure you can take last-minute days off from work.

More Useful Tips for Getting Good 2020 Vacation Deals

If you dig deep enough, you’ll find out that there is an endless pit of tips and tricks you can use to get a better deal for your 2020 vacation. Not all of them will always work, but they are always worth a shot. Here are some of our top favorites:

  • Trick a website into giving you a discount. Have you found the perfect hotel or the right plane ticket that is just a little over your budget? Place it in the shopping cart, but don’t finalize the purchase. Most websites use coupons and discounts to attract indecisive buyers, so don’t be surprised if you receive one after a few days.
  • Be flexible with your dates. Who says you have to vacation in peak season? Greece is just as beautiful in September as it is in August, but it can cost you half the price if you avoid the flood of tourists in the eighth month of the year. On top of that, traveling in the middle of the week – as opposed to the weekend – could save you some cash.
  • Be flexible with your destination. Our planet is brimming with breathtaking locations that still haven’t been discovered by mainstream tourism. Take advantage of that, pay less for your vacation, and you’ll even get to brag about going somewhere none of your friends have ever been before.
  • Be flexible with accommodation. Hotels aren’t your only option when it comes to accommodation. Consider hostels, AirBnBs, or Couchsurfing, and you might be able to get a better deal.
  • Travel with friends. As a rule of thumb, three-bed hotel rooms have lower per-person prices than those for two people. In other words, traveling with two friends will end up being considerably more affordable, at least as far as accommodation is concerned.

Always Use Common Sense

There’s no better feeling than finding a great destination, a five-star hotel, and a flight with perfect dates that fit comfortably into your schedule and budget. Scammers know this, and they often use it to lure people into getting what they believe is a great deal, only to find out later they’ve been tricked out of their hard-earned money. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Follow your gut, read reviews from other travelers, and never book something that smells fishy.