How to pack for your 2020 vacation like a pro

The New Year has just started, and it won’t be long before spring and warm weather sneak up on us. This also means that, soon enough, you’ll be browsing through countless travel deals trying to find the perfect destination for summer 2020. But will you know how to pack like a pro for vacation once the time comes to leave?

Imagine hauling overweight suitcases through airports, along with your backpack, laptop bag, and purse, only to get to the hotel and realize you forgot to pack your swimsuit. To help you avoid this scenario, we’ve put together some useful tips for packing for your next trip.

Check the Weather at the Destination before You Start Packing for Vacation

This one seems like a no-brainer, yet people often forget to keep the weather in mind when packing. This is especially important if you’re traveling to an exotic destination. The Maldives, for example, seems like a place where you’ll hardly need anything more than a swimsuit and a t-shirt. But did you know that, if you’re going there in June, you will most likely be forced to spend most of your time in the hotel room as the monsoon season is at its peak?


In other words, before you go shopping for vacation clothes, do some research and check the climate at the destination you’re planning to travel to. You will want to know the average daily and nightly temperatures, the average precipitation, as well as a general forecast for your planned dates.

Keep in Mind Your Mode of Transport

If you’re planning on simply driving to your vacation destination, the sky is your limit when it comes to packing. You can have as many suitcases and bags as your vehicle can fit. However, if you’re going overseas, you will most likely be flying there. This means that you should take into consideration your carrier’s baggage limitations and rules.

Most airlines allow a certain number of check-in bags depending on your ticket class. For example, if you’re traveling in economy class, you will likely be permitted one check-in piece of luggage and another carry-on bag. For business class clients, this may go up to two check-in pieces. However, keep in mind that this highly depends on the carrier you chose. Also, if your itinerary includes layovers, don’t forget to check the rules for each carrier.

Things You Can’t Carry Onto a Plane

There are certain items that, regardless of the carrier, you will not be allowed to take on the plane with you. This includes, among other things:

  • Lighters (including e-lighters)
  • Baseball bats, hatchets, axes, crowbars, and other items that could be used as weapons
  • Guns (although some carriers may allow them under certain conditions)
  • Some chemicals (chlorine, butane, etc.)
  • Dynamite and other explosives

In addition to this, you’re probably already familiar with the rule for liquids. All liquids must be placed in see-through plastic bags and cannot exceed 3.4 oz. Keep in mind that the word “liquids” is used quite loosely here – it includes items you wouldn’t normally categorize as fluid, such as cream cheese, hair conditioner, or even peanut butter.

How Long Will You Be Staying

The duration of your trip is another important factor to consider when figuring out your packing strategy. A weekend getaway will surely require fewer things than a two-week vacation. As a rule of thumb, you won’t need more than one t-shirt per day for your summer holiday. Don’t be one of those people who bring a couple of spare items for every single category, only to end up wearing the same outfit for a week. 

What Activities Will You Participate in during the Trip

This one is probably even more important than the number of days you’ll be spending on vacation. The kind of holiday you’re planning plays a major role in deciding on the amount and kind of stuff you should put in your suitcase. For example, if your idea of the perfect vacation consists of spending the day at the beach and the evening walking around and shopping for souvenirs, you won’t have trouble packing. In fact, you might even be able to ditch your check-in luggage completely and simply pack a smaller carry-on suitcase.

Are you planning on hiking, biking, or having other forms of physical activity on a daily basis? Then you might need to put in some more thought into the packing process. For starters, you will surely need some comfortable shoes and appropriate clothes. Does your sport of choice require any additional equipment? Then make sure you pack that up, too. Of course, make sure you check with your airline carrier whether you’re allowed to take it with you.

A Few Final Tips for Packing Like a Pro for Vacation

Now that you have a general idea of what to pack for your upcoming vacation, we’d like to share some final tips with you to help you make sure you don’t leave anything important behind. Here are some more important things you’ll need regardless of the duration and purpose of your trip.

Documents You Should Bring

If you’re going abroad, you won’t get too far without your passport. Make sure you check the expiration date at least a couple of weeks in advance. Other documents you should consider bringing include your driver’s license (or an international driving permit, if necessary) and proof of traveler’s health insurance.

First Aid Kit

Nobody likes to worry about all the things that could go wrong on holiday. But accidents happen, and when they do, it’s better to be prepared. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should take a whole pharmacy with you. However, some basic items, such as band-aids or cough medicine, could come in handy and spare you an unnecessary expense and trip to the doctor abroad.

Beach Must-Haves

If you’re going to a beach-side town, it goes without saying that you’ll bring your swimsuit with you. But while you’re basking in the sun and enjoying the sound of the ocean, don’t forget to protect your body from all the negative effects of the heat, too. Sunscreen with a high SPF and sunglasses are a must. Also, consider bringing post-tanning body cream, an insect repellant, and a hat.

Leisure Time

After a long day of sightseeing, hiking, or sunbathing, you will surely want to relax and recharge your batteries. A good book is always an option for such situations. You might also want to bring your laptop or tablet to watch movies or a pack of playing cards for a fun evening activity for everyone.


Ready to pack? Then keep our tips in mind as you’re filling your suitcase, and we’re sure you’ll have an enjoyable and stress-free vacation in 2020. We wish you a fun holiday!