The Best Places To Visit In Thailand

A Thailand vacation sounds pretty good right now, huh? Let’s take a look at some of the best Thailand vacation spots! Thailand is one of the most visited destinations in South East Asia. It is well known for its dynamic cities, Buddhist temples, national parks, ancient ruins, a long coastline boasting of beautiful white sand beaches and pristine island towns. Visitors know all about its capital city of Bangkok, which has numerous restaurants and cafes, traditional spa massage parlors and having numerous active Nightlife spots, but the real Thailand can be found in its cute little villages and its numerous Island towns. Detailed below are the best place to visit in Thailand for first-timers.

Koh Mook

This island town located in the Trang province. It is one of the many popular islands in the Andaman sea. If one wants to experience pristine unspoiled nature this is the place to be. It boasts of secluded beaches not yet run-down by mass tourism; one can explore the stunning water caves and witness the best sunsets while on the island. Most of the visitors and tourists come to Koh Mook to see and experience the traditional rustic Thai lifestyle. Once there, they can get a good hotel and a decent meal at a fraction of the cost than other destinations in the country. Many adventurous visitors take the opportunity to hop islands from Koh Lipe to Koh Adang and back to Koh Mook, all floating in the same Andaman sea.Once in Koh Mook visitors can experience many activities, and some of them are:

⦁ Cave Exploring: Koh Mook is a hugely sought-after destination because of its two popular water caves: The Emerald cave or Tham Morakot and the Big cave. One can swim or Kayak through the cave at the base of the limestone mountain to exit on the other side to an incredible hidden beach called Ao Sabai. Most visitors who manage to cross over to the other side feel like they have a personal secret hideaway beach all for themselves.  The other, Big cave situated on the west coast of Koh Mook gives the visitors a chance to snorkel and admire the beauty of the undersea corals.

⦁ Forest Hike:  One of the best jungle trails starts from behind Ao Kuan which goes up to the beautiful white sand Sabai beach. One gets a chance to hike through the dense, green jungle to reach a clearwater beach.  No other activity can offer the thrill and adventure of cutting through thick green flora to be rewarded with a white sand beach edging a clear water sea.

Koh Lipe

Thailand is also known not only for its long coastline cities and towns but also for its numerous islands which houses many modern resorts for tourists. One of the best island destinations in the country is the island of Koh Lipe, also known locally as the ‘Paper Island.’  This small but cute island lies in the Southwest region of the Andaman sea touching the Malaysian border. This picturesque island has a lot to offer to visitors. A visitor can enjoy many of the advantages offered by the island, from kayaking in the still waters of the clear sea or just exploring the island on foot. The beaches of the island are surrounded by the most still water. The many activities a visitor can experience are:

⦁ Kayaking: One can take advantage of the still water of the sea and enjoy solo paddling. There are numerous places on the island where one can hire a kayak and access the clear sea from any one of the numerous beaches. There is nothing more pleasant than paddling in the relatively calm water and enjoying the beauty of the sea, as well as admiring the beautiful beachfront.

⦁ Trekking: For an enthusiast who prefers physical activity, there is no other activity match to trekking on this beautiful island. The island is dotted with well-trotted trekking routes and paths. One can choose shorter tips or go for day-long expeditions across this spectacular island town. For the hiking and trekking buffs, this tropical island offers the best in terms of nature, flora, and fauna. Most visitors aim to trek to their favorite spot on higher grounds to view the mesmerizing sunset on offer every evening.

⦁ Diving: The unusual shape of the island offers visitors a perfect coastline, with vivid blue lagoons, white-sand beaches, and abundant marine life. One can snorkel, or dive deeper to watch the rich, colorful and diverse sea life in its natural habitat. This place is a mecca for both amateurs and expert scuba divers.

Koh Lanta

This cluster of 52 pristine islands holds its own place of pride among the most beautiful regions of the country, as it is mostly unspoiled by commercialization and new development. Its proximity to Krabi and its location near to the popular Phi Phi islands makes it very accessible. The resorts on the island attract many residents who can take advantage of the mild weather, white sandy beaches, great undersea coral reefs and get an opportunity to explore the surrounding jungles. Like all the popular destinations in the country, it also boasts of fabulous gourmet restaurants, night markets and promises active nightlife.The various interesting activities one can do in Koh Lanta are:

⦁Snorkeling and scuba diving: The islands are mostly unspoiled by excessive and damaging tourism. That gives visitors a unique opportunity to explore the shallow seabed near the beach. Snorkeling is a popular way to see the colorful and vibrant undersea life. For the more adventurous, willing to go deeper, they can scuba dive with experienced divers to experience the marine life and stunning underwater coral reef. 

⦁ Food exploration: Being a small island does not stop this island to offer a diverse range of cafes and restaurants. Visitors can enjoy a large and wide selection of gourmet cuisines from around the world. From coffee shops to pasta and pizza places; seafood and South Asian cuisine all grace this cute little island paradise.

Chiang Mai

It is easy to understand why the city of Chiang Mai is as popular as the capital city, Bangkok. The reason for the popularity of this energetic and spectacular city based in the northern region of Thailand is that unlike the other cities, this place is surrounded by rolling mountains. The city is popular both among the budget travelers and the more affluent tourists, who are all drawn to the place to the allure of its spectacular landscapes. The region offers visitors a glimpse of the traditions and handicrafts of the hill tribes and the many outdoor adventures in offer. In the city, both tradition and modernity coexist in the form of culture and architecture. The city offers many interesting activities:

⦁ Buddhist Temples: The spiritual significance of the city can be experienced when one walks through the old city and catch a glimpse of the numerous Buddhist temples. The best time to visit Thailand and pay a visit to the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep Buddhist temple – the most popular among the temples- on the mountainside just outside the city is between December and March.

⦁ Chiang Mai Night Bazaar: The area of the city which comes alive is the Night Bazaar. This location has been active for centuries, as it is located on the ancient trade route between Siama and Mawlamyaing and had been a prominent stopping and resting place for the Yunnanese trading caravans. The bazaar is spread across many city blocks inside buildings, temple yards and covering numerous footpaths. This place has been the top destination in the city where a dazzling list of goods is always on display for sale. Visitors can pick up souvenirs, artifacts, traditional handicrafts, clothing, footwear, and much more.

 ⦁ Food Exploration: Thailand is a true foodie paradise and Chiang Mai lists on top of all the favorite places to eat in the country. The food scene is diverse with street food, traditional Thai cuisine, or one can opt for a fine dining experience. One can get the South East Asian cuisine, or experience exotic seafood. Delicious food does not have to be expensive and the city offers cheap but fresh food representing almost all the cuisines of the world: from chicken rice to Pad Thai, Satay, sweet flatbreads, fried bananas to fruit cocktails and shakes. 

⦁ Nightlife: The city’s nightlife activities are as exciting as the day-time experience. It covers an array of activities found on no other city with trendy live music places, flashy cocktail bars, glamorous rooftop bars, swanky evening shows, and even exhilarating Muay Thai kick-boxing fights.

⦁ Shopping: For day-time shopping, nothing beats the Warorot Market, very near the Mae Ping River. Shopping activity is an essential part of travel within Thailand and this market offers it all. Hundreds of shops and stalls selling a range of uniquely exotic goods such as hand-dyed cloth having designs and patterns from the various hill tribes; herbal soaps, unique essences and oils, traditional musical instruments, abstract tribal paintings, ornaments, and much more.


Almost everyone identifies Thailand with nightlife along the various southern beaches. But, the country is also known for its beautiful rolling mountains and spectacular northern region hilly landscapes.  The western region bordering Myanmar border has dense mountainous woodlands and it offers stunningly beautiful and rugged terrain, incomparable with any other place in the region. Pai is not a bustling city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, but a village.  It offers travelers almost the opposite of what has been offered by the other major destinations in the country: the promises to offers peace, quiet and solitude. No wonder the region has become popular among budget travelers. The popular activities one can pursue in this quaint place are:

⦁ The walking street market: This area comes alive every night with food stalls selling traditional Thai street delicacies to Western fast foods.  Countless shops and shacks selling clothes, accessories, tribal handicrafts and musical instruments. Visitors generally hunt for souvenirs and gifts unique to the region.

⦁ Mountain Terrain Trekking: Since Pai village is part of the natural Mae Hong Son loop, it offers a pristine rolling landscape. For the trekking enthusiast, the region offers pathways and routes along the base of the mountains. Visitors can choose quiet solitude paths or visit the abode of the numerous indigenous hilly tribes on their excursions.

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