To make your travel life a bit easier, we’ve added the Top 5 Travel Items to have when you vacation or travel for work. These travel items are inexpensive and can make your life so much easier!

#1 – Waterproof Phone Case

First off, this is great for taking underwater pictures. Second, getting caught in a drenching downpour can be very bad for a phone, no matter how “waterproof” it claims to be. Regardless, you paid a lot of money for your phone, so take care of it! I’ve used this on numerous trips and taken some cool underwater pics, a definite must have for your next travel vacation. Check here for the latest discount and deal!

#2- Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Oh, how I wish I hadn’t forgotten this on my last trip. 14 hours from LAX to Manila, with no way to comfortably rest my head. This neck pillow is a must. It’s memory foam and will keep you head from bouncing around while you sleep. Flying with a neck pillow, is, well, a pain in the neck! Get yours from Amazon here!

#3- Packing Cubes

When it comes to packing, it’s extremely easy to over do it. I found these packing cubes and they literally changed the way I pack! It not only makes your luggage organized, but when you are scrambling to find some clean socks or underwear, these cubes will take all the guesswork out of the situation. Get yous on Amazon here!

#4- Quality Bluetooth Headphones

With any vacation or travel, for me, music is very important. Sometimes, even listening to audio books or programs is a great way to pass the time. Having a great set of Bluetooth Headphones is a must! They can even drown out that screaming child 3 seats in front of you, on your 12 hour flight 🙂  Get yours on Amazon here!

#5- Travel Containers (for liquids)

TSA can be strict, we all know that, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave your favorite shampoo or body soap at home when you travel. having a nice set of travel containers, which are made to comply with TSA regulations, can make it much easier to bring your favorite bath and beauty products with you! Get yours on Amazon here!