Day 1

We started our trip by traveling from Cebu, Philippines. After hopping in a taxi and navigating through the insane traffic that Cebu offers, we finally made it to the docks. Neither of us had been there before, so yeah, we got hustled a bit. A gentleman offered to buy our tickets from a different cashier so we didn’t have to wait in line. I had a feeling it was not totally legit, but my fiance was all in. After a few minutes, the man returned, with some valid boat tickets. We found out later he made a few hundred pesos from our ignorance. Not a huge hustle, but hustled nonetheless. Lesson learned!

We made it thru the crazy, fast paced process of checking our luggage and paying our port fees with plenty of time to board. The trip was a smooth 2 hour ride from Cebu to Tagbilaran City. From there it was a 30-40 minute taxi ride to Panglao/Bohol. We arrived at our AirBnB and got settled in. After speaking to the Australian owner of the property, we were directed to a local food joint close by where we had some extremely good chicken and rice.

Day 2

We decided to do some touring and had a few destinations we wanted to check out. The first stop was the famous Chocolate Hills. These were basically very large mounds and after you climb up the many steps to the top of the overlook area, you get a great view of all the hills and surrounding areas. Definitely worth the trip if gallivanting around Bohol.

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Next, we headed over to the Tarsier Refuge. These are some very cool looking animals, with very large eyes. They just seem to hang out in the trees and relax, not a bad gig at all! In the photos they look larger than they are, they are very tiny animals.

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Our next stop was to the Bohol Butterfly Museum. Here you can see butterflies in all stages of their lives and even hold some larva in your hands, very cool! If you don’t want to hold them, well, too bad, they pretty much make you, lol.

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We also stopped at a well known spot for a lunch cruise down the river. We boarded the small boat with tables and a large buffet setup, ready to go. Along the hour trip, we stopped at multiple docks which had local dance groups, mostly kids, who put on a quick 5-10 minute show of traditional dance, definitely a highlight on the ride.


This was just a brief day tour through Bohol, the express version since we only had a few days. There is much more to see, vibrant cities to explore, and great food to be tasted. It’s fairly inexpensive as well, so if you have the time, feel free to splurge a bit!