Corona Virus aka Covid-19

Sooo…. here we are, 2020, and facing one of the craziest (now labeld) Pandemics in our recent history. First things first, be safe and take this seriously. Now, I’m not saying run out and buy all the toilet paper you can find (you know who you are, stop!). This type of mindset doesn’t help anyone in the long-run, and remember some countries don’t even use toilet paper, so relax. 

In light of this outbreak, travel around the globe has come to a standstill. This is bad. Bad for travel companies, tourism in various countries, and bad for many economies that rely on this type of income. Will this last, I doubt it. I’m not expert, but history tells us this will fizzle out much like the past events that we;ve faced in our past. Travel for many, is a luxury, but for others, it’s a means of visiting and connecting with family. Many overseas workers come travel far and wide in search of better income and a better life. This travel interruption is going to make it very difficult for these folks to get home. Hopefully this virus is contained and cleared up soon. As all countrires should be working together, we should also remmeber to work together with others in our communities, now more than ever.

As we start to see more and more cases confirmed everyday, especially here in the US, folks will start to become more afraid. Staying healthy is one of the best things you can do for this situation. Strengthing your immune system with vitamins & regular exercise certainly won’t hurt if you contract the virus. As it’s being reported, many people recover just fine from this. This post is just a reminder to stay smart, use your head, and don’t develop a mob mentality when things get crazy. We wish you and your family the best of health during this trying time.