Arriving At The Caribe Royal Resort in Orlando

Recently, we had the opportunity to have a weekend getaway in orlando Florida. Keeping in mind this is still during the pandemic and while we are being very cautious with any travel, it was an occasion we didn’t want to miss. Of course we took as many precautions as possible and made sure we masked up at all times, which is required in all places, and took a minute to wipe down everything upon entering out hotel room. Overkill? Maybe, but we still think it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

We got to Caribe Royal Resort in Orlando around 5:30pm. We had made the drive from Tallahassee to SeaWorld that morning, and while the weather at Seaworld wasn’t the greatest, we dodged raindrops and managed to get in most of the fantastic aquatic animals Seaworld has to offer. It was pouring rain and luckily, Caribe Royal Resort has a great check-in area with 3 or 4 lanes and a huge covered section, so it made the check-in much easier.

We were immidiately helped and the front desk was very professonal and efficient with the check-in. They do charge a daily fee ($25 I belive) and a daily parking fee of $15, so keep that in mind. We got our detailed map with where to go and park and how to get through the gate with our rom keys. The inside of the lobby was extremely nice, with some fantastic decor and wide open feel.

Our Room At Carbe Royal Resort

After parking, we got to our oom which was on the 6th floor. We noticed they seemed to put most of the guests in our particular tower, tower 2, so there was a little more people traffic than we wouldhave liked. The resort is in fairly good, clean shape for all the people ad vacationers is hosts. There are some apsects that could use a sprucing up, but keep in mind this is not a luxury resort, but adecent option for the cost while in the Orlando area.

Our room was clean, no odd smells, and even the carpet was clean, which is often a missed aspect of many hotels and resorts. We had a king suite with a couch, chair and 2 Televisions. The bathroom was basic and has a nice sink area adjacent.

The bed was a King and was a fairly good night sleep as far as comfort goes. There was also a nice selection of Bath & Body Works lotions and shampoo samplers. As we ventured outside, the pool was a great feature of the resort. It’s a fairly large pool and features a waterslide and waterfall section. Ranging from 3ft to 6ft deep, it makes a great relaxing spot for everyone. With a waterslide feature, be prepared for lots of kids to be around, as you could predict. The weather wasn’t the greatest so the pool wasn’t very packed at all with only about 20 people at anytime. There is also a great pool-side bar with food and beverages. Keep in mind you’ll be paying well above normal prices for some of the food here, which is to be expected at a resort.



Conclusion of Caribe Royal Resort

Over all, this was a great place to stay for a 3 day weekend getaway. The price and amenities were right in the going rate for the area, and while there were some things that could be improved, it’s a great option for the buck.